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We need your donations to make the Auction a success!

Donations can be small (like a gift card to a nail salon for a manicure) or big (like a box at a Warriors game or a condo in the Caribbean)... and everything in-between! Our goal is to have a wide variety of items across a range of price points and types of items so that there’s something for everyone.

What am I expected to donate?

Every family in the school must donate two items of at least $75 or more each in value. Note that we love receiving higher value donations, but even if one of your items is worth more than $150, we still need TWO items from each family to ensure we have enough items up for bid.

  • Cash donations also accepted
    A $150 cash donation is acceptable in lieu of 2 items. Check to see if your employer will match your donation!

How do I submit my donation or party?

Each family is responsible for inputting your donation or party information directly into our auction system! It's easy to do: just click on the link below and have the following information about your donation. Please enter each item separately!

  • Donation title: Give your item or party a catchy and descriptive title. 

  • Description: 

    • Provide a complete description of the item/party. The more details the better: product dimensions, color(s), back story, etc.

    • For parties, you should also include the first and second choice dates, location name and address, time of your party, whether your party is being sold on a per person, per couple, or per family basis, and the last names of all hosts.

  • Terms and conditions: If your donation or party has an expiration date or other terms, please be sure to include that information. Also, if there are specific terms such as a gift certificate that can only be used on a Leap Year, be sure to note that as well.

  • Value and quantity: 

    • If you are donating two of the same item, please submit one form per donation so that both are recorded and you get credit for two donations. 

    • For parties, please enter the price per ticket and whether you are selling the party per person, per couple, or per family.

  • Who the donation is from: If you are not the donor of the item being registered, please enter the business/donor's name. For example, if you asked your local nail salon for a donation, you would not be the "donor" in this case — it would be the nail salon.

  • Notes: Use this field to provide information to the Silent Auction team that will be useful but does not need to appear in the item listing. Any and all information is useful so don't be shy!

  • Item images:

    • If you have a physical donation, please take a photo of it and upload it with your donation submission. Please submit pictures that are crisp and taken in a well-lit area. 

    • For parties, you can submit a photo from the web or one of the party in a prior year (if available).

  • Corpus family submitting this donation: 

    • Only your name and email are required but feel free to share more if you'd like.

    • For parties, the person submitting should be the Party Captain (if for some reason that's not the case, please let us know in the Notes field).

Back by popular demand: Get those submissions in early and give your kids the gift of free dress! Free dress passes will be given to all families who submit their donations/parties/cash by December 1, 2023 (one free dress pass for each student per family).

To submit Silent Auction donations:

To donate items for the Silent Auction such as physical goods, event tickets, professional services and more, click on the link below to submit your donation.

If your donation includes a physical item, please fill out the form and bring item to the school office before January 12, along with the confirmation number you will receive once you‘ve successfully submitted your item(s).


Please fill out one form per item.

Submit donation information by December 15, 2023.

To submit party donations:

To submit a party to the Silent Auction have the party captain click on the link below.


Auction parties are an important part not just of raising money for the school, but they also help us build community within it. Consider hosting a party for kids in your child’s class (for boys, girls, or both), throwing a family party, or going all out on an adults-only bash. 

For more information on party ideas, how to be matched with someone looking for hosts and details needed to submit your party, visit the Parties page.

Submit party information by December 15, 2023.

To donate cash:

If you would like to donate $150 (or more!) in lieu of two donations/parties, please visit Auctria’s Donation page  to make your cash donation.

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