Let‘s Party!


Every year, Corpus Christi School parents come together to host parties as part of the offering at the annual Crab Feed & Auction. Parties are fun, build community, and more importantly, they play a big role in supporting our school. In past years, parties organized and hosted by parents like you accounted for nearly 30% of Silent Auction proceeds, all of which directly benefit the school. Here’s how you donate a party:


Form a group

Reach out to people with whom you would like to host a party. Form a group or a partial group and come up with a great party idea. If you need more party hosts than you currently have to make your party successful, reach out to the Party Chairs for help.   


Plan your party

Meet with your group and involve everyone in the planning process to discuss all aspects of the party. Things to cover in your initial meeting:

Budget – Do some research to determine how much the party will realistically cost. Be sure that everyone agrees on the budget, 
and work hard to stick to it.


Venue – Where will your party be located? Think about possible spaces that are appropriate (e.g., home/backyard, restaurant, etc.). Consider how many attendees you can accommodate and cost to rent (if any). 


Date – When is your party taking place? Choose a few different dates that will work for everyone and make sure the venue that you plan to use is available. Check the school calendar to avoid conflicts.


Food/Décor/Entertainment – Divide and conquer! Don’t let one person do all the work. If hiring vendors/caterers, make sure it fits within your stated budget.


Marketing Plan – Sell your party! Talk it up with friends and other parents, create a table sign/poster to promote your party and, if it's an option, have a representative or two market your event in the party room during the Silent Auction.

Join a party in progress

If you are new to the Party Scene and are not sure how to get started, or if you just want to join a team of people AND get to know others in the Corpus Christi Community, consider joining one of the following host teams in need of more host families:

Father/Daughter Dance: A beloved annual tradition for dads and daughters, this is a great party to not only create a magical experience for our girls, but it‘s also a great way to meet other parents across a variety of grades. To join this party, contact Megan Walsh at

8th Grade Square Dance: This yearly celebration is a wonderful way to celebrate our 8th graders and their families before they leave us for high school. To join this party, contact Kassy Earhart Batcheller at


Joining these parties is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of Corpus Auction parties, especially since each of these parties already has experienced lead host families to steer the process. Stay tuned for more posts here and in the Newsline about additional large parties in need of hosts.

Party Donation Form

Have the Host Captain for your party complete and submit the Auction Party form using the button below. The host captain will receive an email confirmation from the Party Chairs in early December to finalize details.

Submit form by December 3, 2021.