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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Crab Feed & Auction?
The Crab Feed & Auction is Corpus Christi’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It’s a night of fun and fellowship all convening around a common purpose — strengthening our school & parish through fundraising and community building. It includes a seated crab dinner plus a live & silent auction, drinks, and dancing. The event is a joint effort between CCPG and the Corpus Christi Men’s Club, and the money raised goes to prevent tuition increases and fund school improvements, special programming, & parish needs.

When is the Crab Feed & Auction?
This year’s event will be held on Saturday, February 11th, 2023


Are things “back to normal” with the event this year?

Yes! We’re back in person, with the Silent Auction in the classrooms and the Crab Feed in the gym.


I remember the auction website had a ton of info — is that still the case?
Yes, the auction website ( is your one-stop shop for all things Auction!! The site is now live, so you can find everything there — from what to donate, to due dates for donations, to how to volunteer, and more. When in doubt... check the website (because your answer is probably there!).


I know I’m supposed to donate items, but can you remind me how that works?
Each family is required to donate two items, each worth $75 or more. Donations can be goods (sporting tickets, jewelry, new/unopened toys, etc.), services (offering up something you’re a pro at or getting gift cards from neighborhood services like nail salons, spas, etc.), parties, or cash. The reason two donations are expected is that we need an array of items to bid on to make the auction a successful endeavor. For more ideas on what to donate, see the “411 on Donations” flyer, the “Everything You Need to Know for Parties” flyer or visit the Donations or Parties pages on the Auction website.  


How do I make a donation?
Donations can be made by submitting your donation and/or party info online on the Donations page
. New this year: instead of filling out a Google form with your donation/party information, you’ll be inputting it directly into our Auction system, which will help streamline Auction submissions. For more information, visit the Donations page or the Parties page. Donation/party information must be submitted by Friday, December 16th

Back by popular demand: Submit your Donations/Parties early and get free dress passes!
Submit your donations/parties early (by December 2nd) and you’ll receive a free dress pass for each of your children. Get those donations out of the way and give your kids the gift of free dress! 


Why do I need to submit donations/parties so early?

Submitting your donations/parties by December 16th gives the Auction Committee sufficient time to ensure all of the auction item information is entered, edited and accurate in our system. This process is quite tedious and time-intensive, so your adherence to this deadline is greatly appreciated!


Who do I give my physical donation to?

Please bring all physical donations to the school office, with a copy of your donation confirmation (which you will receive after you submit your donation form), now or before Wednesday, January 18th.


How does the Auction bidding work?
For amazing deals on great items and awesome parties, you can bid in three different ways:

  • Bid in the ONLINE AUCTION starting on January 30th and ending on February 6th.  

  • Bid during the SILENT AUCTION on February 11th

  • Bid during the LIVE AUCTION on February 11th


I can’t make it to the Crab Feed & Auction. How can I still bid on items at the Silent/Live Auctions?
If you can’t make it, find a friend who is attending the event to “proxy bid” for you. Give them a list of what you’re interested in, along with your bidding number and how much money you’re willing to spend on each item, and let them do the work for you!


How do I purchase tickets for the event?
You can buy tickets on the Tickets page of the Crab Feed & Auction website starting in early December.


I’m supposed to sign up to volunteer for this too, right?
Yes, that’s right! The Crab Feed & Silent Auction is a massive undertaking and its success is highly dependent on the volunteer help from everyone in our school community. 

To that end, every family is expected to volunteer for the Crab Feed & Silent Auction. There are lots of fun ways to get involved, depending on your skill set and availability. Helping with the Crab Feed & Auction is a fun, easy way to meet new people and get a lot of volunteer hours out of the way (before volunteer hour opportunities slow down in the back half of the year).

  • Join the committee: Help with soliciting donations or picking up from confirmed donors, organizing donations, manage & execute our Crab Attacks, or shadow one of our committee leaders (overall Silent Auction, Desserts, Weekend Chair, etc.) to take on a bigger role. Much of this work can also be done at night or from home, so it’s a great way for working parents to get involved. 

  • Help the weekend of the event:  Be part of the fun, and sign up for a time slot to help with set up/tear down or to work during the event itself. 


How do I sign up to volunteer?

To help with planning the Auction, please contact the Auction co-chairs at To help the Men’s Club with the Crab Feed portion of the evening (food, drinks, setup, ticket sales, live auction), please contact Leslie Neel at For all other volunteer opportunities, you can sign up on the Volunteer page.


If I volunteer during the Crab Feed & Auction, do I still need to buy a ticket to the event?

If you’re planning to attend the Crab Feed & Auction either before or after you volunteer, then yes, you need to buy a ticket. However, if you’re either volunteering for the entire event or not planning to attend the dinner/auction before or after you volunteer, then a ticket is not needed.


I saw something about “Crab Attacks” last year. What are those, and how do I get in on it?

We introduced “Crab Attacks” last year as a fun way to get in the Crab Feed & Auction spirit by “crabbing” your friends (i.e. having crabs placed on their lawn!). Crab Attacks are back this year: for only $50, you can “attack” your friends with crabs in the month leading up to the Crab Feed & Auction. Keep your eyes peeled for more information to come on how to sign up!


Why do we need an Auction? What are the funds used for?
Did you know that the tuition we pay only funds about 80% of the school’s operational budget each year? The 20% difference is funded through our major fundraising events — most notably, the Silent Auction, of which every dollar raised goes directly to help the school. 


The Crab Feed & Auction is a joint effort between CCPG and the Corpus Christi Men’s Club. CCPG manages the Silent & Online Auctions, and the Men’s Club organizes the food, drinks, tickets, and Live Auction). All of the money from the Silent & Online Auctions goes directly to the school, and the money raised through the Live Auction & tickets is split between the school and the parish. The money raised at the Silent Auction goes directly to the school’s operational fund, where it’s used primarily to help keep our tuition low and prevent the need for tuition increases to cover the budget; it also pays for improvements throughout the school and to specific programs like art, music, and technology. The funds raised through the Live Auction go to the Corpus Christi Men’s Club to help fund both school and parish needs.  


I have more questions — can I talk to a live person?
Of course! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact your Auction Co-Chairs, Eva Goodroe (, Stefanie Lew (, or Jenifer Rachels (, or your Men’s Club Crab Feed Chair, Leslie Neel ( You can also send an email to


Thanks in advance for your help and generosity in making the 60th annual Crab Feed & Auction a success!!


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