Join us for our 57th Annual Crab Feed & Auction 

Saturday, January 25, 2020


Every dollar raised from the Silent Auction goes directly to the Corpus Christi Parent’s Group, which provides the funds for a myriad of programs that make Corpus Christi unique. We rely on the Silent Auction proceeds to support the Meet the Master’s Art Program, technology improvements, classroom remodels, tuition assistance and much more. The funds raised by the Live Auction and Crab Feed go to the Corpus Christi Men’s Club, which also makes generous donations to the school. It’s your participation that makes this event a success. Together, we can raise the funds to support our amazing school community.

Schedule of Events

Jan. 15 at 8 am through Jan. 22 at 9 pm

Online Auction



5:30–7:15 pm
Silent Auction Bidding


7:30–7:45 pm
Prayer to Bless the Meal and POPS Introduction

7:45–9:15 pm 


8:30–9:15 pm
Live Auction
(during the 2nd half of dinner) 


9:15–9:30 pm
Heads or Tails Game 


9:30–1:00 am  
Dancing to DJ


10:00–11:00 pm 
Check-out for Auction Payment

& Merchandise Pick-Up

Play “Heads or Tails“ and win Cold, Hard $$$ CASH!

If you have a head and/or a tail, don't miss this chance to win a big chunk of cash!! Like a lottery, the more people who play, the bigger the pot. Winner takes half, and Corpus Christi gets the other half! Win! Win!

Here‘s how to play:

  • Buy your ticket to play before the live auction*

    • Through the Online Auction (January 15th to January 22nd)

    • At the Silent Auction on January 25th (limited quantity available)

  • Tickets are $40 now and $50 day of. You must be present to play the game.

  • Your “ticket” is a cool glow-in-the-dark necklace. You must wear this to play.

  • During dinner, the MC will call all “Heads or Tails“ players to stand up for the game.

  • The MC will do a series of coin tosses. Before each coin toss, players indicate their choice of heads or tails by putting both hands on their Head or “Tail“.

  • If the coin toss lands on your choice, you remain standing. All others sit down.

  • This is repeated until one person is left – the last one standing wins!

  • Minimum take is $600, but we expect winnings to be in excess of $2,000.